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My top 3 places to sit

Sit? Did you literally mean it? Yes, sit and relax.
My days tend to be hectic, as I’m sure yours as well. But besides trying to cope, I feel the need to find myself or, better said, not loose myself. And I can’t do that just by working all day, pushing my limits and filling up my daily schedule.

So, between exhausting meetings and figuring out how to manage my time wisely, I like to sit a little. It’s not fancy, but those precious moments feel very Shangri-La. I won’t tell you about bistros and restaurants (maybe some other time if you want me to), because those are not my real choices. Here is a list of my top spots to gather my thoughts, maybe you will get inspired:

– In the park – but siting on the ground, because it gives me a unique feeling of peace and belonging. I can take a good look at the sky, touch the grass under my feet, listen to bird sounds and just feel connected with nature. Depending on the amount of time available, I can extend this to an outside office (bringing my laptop, a blanket, a smoothie and some crackers).
Quick tip: You don’t want any fines, so look twice for any signs trespassing might be forbidden.

– on a river /lake shore – of course the beach is the ideal place, lucky for those of you who live in a city by the sea. In the absence of that, the municipality traditionally organizes the area near the shore if a river passed the city. In the summer it’s full of sunbeds, cheerfulness, fresh juices and even sand. My favourite thing to do? Taking my shoes off for 5 minutes.
Quick tip: Laugh at yourself if you still have sand in your shoes at the end of the day.

– on a blanket at night – search for a place with low light (not darkness, because it doesn’t feel safe) so you can see the stars. I feel pretty ok with watching from the balcony, but you can also try a rooftop or a lawn in the park.
Quick tip: For creating the relaxing atmosphere, a lantern and a glass of wine are a must.
Another quick tip: I like to work my way through constellations and even spot planes.

Hope you like my places to unwind. And I would love to hear your best kept secrets about where to have a moment or two just for yourself.

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