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Stop the hate!

For a while now, I thought that not mentioning some bad scenario would stop it from happening. So I didn’t specifically talk about hate, preferring to focus on making the world better at an individual and community level. But this plague is much more powerful than expected and threatens to reach a point of no return. So everything coming into my mind is: Stop the hate!

Let’s make a common effort to see life in colours and:

Stop treating your neighbour like your worst enemy! You live on the same street. If something bad happens, it will drag you both into it. So have a little understanding.

Stop treating your colleague like the worst enemies! I know, in this competitive society, you want to make yourself look like the most professional, hard-working, capable individual. But accept there are people just like you or even better. And the amount of time wasted for finding ways to always be in the spotlight is business damaging. Yes, the business paying both your salaries!

Stop treating other drivers like your worst enemies! There is only one street, hardly big enough for accommodating all cars. If you yell at others, the situation is definitely not improving in any way.

Stop treating working staff as your worst enemy! Having a bad day, all stressed out and staying in line at supermarket. A really slow line. You think being nervous will bring something new to the table? Watch how everybody gets nervous now.

Stop treating your family like your worst enemy! They are the closest people you will ever have around. Wouldn’t it be nice to work your differences peacefully?

Stop treating people with different opinions like your worst enemies! Seeing situations from different angles and having opposite opinions is what makes us humanly beautiful.

Stop treating people wanting change like your worst enemies! Some of us don’t like change, it’s provoking increased anxiety. And I’m not going into the “change is good” type of speech. But if something is changing, would you feel better to understand and bring your contribution, bringing the whole situation a little closer to your comfort zone?

Stop treating other parents like your worst enemies! You really think slamming doors and calling names because a 5 year-old kid doesn’t return the sandblaster to your kid is a mature way to act?

Stop treating employees at the local bank, local pharmacy, local shops like your worst enemies! Businesses have policies.

Stop treating drivers in the parking lot as your worst enemies!

Stop treating people you don’t personally know like your worst enemies! You no nothing of them as persons, why should you develop such rage against them?

Stop treating people on the street like your worst enemies!

It’s like we are in this gladiator arena, always en-garde. Is it really worth it? Where is our humanity? Where are love, appreciation and kindness?

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