Winter is coming while thinking of my summer getaways

A few months ago I said to myself I won’t write about my getaway until it’s cold outside. Why is that? Because I always try to find new ways to make you, my readers, and myself feel better. And contemplating summer breeze, ocean waves and next destinations feels like a good start. So let me tell you how and where my plans took me:

– About six months before the trip, in late winter, I started defining what we are looking for and came up with a list: a summer destination where it almost never rains, seaside or oceanside, partially secluded, peaceful, but not eerily quiet, small traditional villa, close to water, tavernas not far away.

Coming up with a list took about 2 weeks and moved to next step. Defining destination.

Wanting to incorporate as much wishes as possible, I started looking for places which are a flight away (didn’t want to spend all the time in the airport) and meet the needs. Created a short list and finally deciding.  Cyclades islands, besides Santorini and Mykonos.

– Next step: Booking flight, room and other means of transport. Since going for a small island in Greece, the most convenient way consisted in flying to Athens and taking the ferry to the island.

My advice is to take good care in preparing the ferry trip. Ferries in summer are crowded so leaving this up to the last moment can be risky. Ferry booking can be made online, but you will only be provided with a reservation number so you need to pick the tickets personally. Look for a booking company close to your hotel or on the way to the port (Piraeus port is the largest and easily reached with Athens metro).

– Two weeks in advance I started getting familiar with city maps, Athens metro map, transport options from the airport and island means of moving. There are a lot of things taking you by surprise when going abroad so I feel it’s best to get informed.

– I won’t insist on packing, but I made sure to bring my essentials. Going on an island in the Aegean Sea guarantees a lack of options when running out of cosmetics you are accustomed to.


And this was the way I planned a great vacation. The sun was up, the smiles present throughout the trip and the time passed by really fast.

We wouldn’t have been able to have this unforgettable trip without the commitment in delivering high-standard services of the following: Ryanair, Bungalows Marina (Paros), BlueStar Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.

This is not a sponsored post and all services trip related have been personally paid for.

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