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Coworking rules I follow

It’s been a limited amount of time since I launched this blog. It wasn’t one of those shinny perfect lifestyle platforms, delivered to a blogger ready to travel the world. No. My reality is much crueler. I struggle to write all day since I have a full time job (not because I want to, but because my finances don’t let me give this up yet). And I don’t always get to be as inspired as I would like to. Yes, life tends to test your limits sometimes. But hopefully, you will get to like my space.

I saw a lot of beautiful websites, with exquisite aesthetics and gorgeous models. But what are they at the end of the day? Aren’t we all just persons in a world that starts to crumble? Shouldn’t we talk about making our everyday life a peaceful one? It’s like we turn a blind eye to all evil and don’t recognize it can interfere with our joyous moments.


So here is what I try to deliver to my coworkers:

– always recognize help and good ideas. If you passed your first employer, you know what I’m talking about. Inevitable, at work you will find people trying to shadow you, accept the benefits for a team activity and generally consider themselves better and more entitled than the rest.

My advice? Adopt a calm attitude, but mention what bothers you. If you keep silent, the others will continue to act the same way.

– never attack your peers. Female coworkers always have disputes. When the time has come to fight together, to support each other and promote female power, we tend to get carried away by little nothings.

My advice? Always promote your peers.

– give a hand, show a heart. Try to close your eyes for a second and get in touch with your inner self. What is it int his world that turns us into cruel people?

My advice? Search deep down and show humanity. It’ s the greatest of all assets.

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